Spring brings competition success for many Danceteamers

Spring months are a busy time for the Team, as instructors and their groups prepare for our Annual Awards Gala in May, take part in various workshops and practise meticulously for the many events and competitions happening all around Finland.

The three-day Battle 4 Peace -event organized by our very own Artistic Director Njara Rasolo gathered dancers from all over the world to compete in battles and showcases. Danceteamers took part in large numbers and were seen in several showcases and battles, with our dazzling junior instructor Joanna Taurinen earning third place in the experimental battles, and our ingenious instructor Tuula Turunen taking second place in the same category, to mention a few. What a weekend, congratulations to all finalists!

The Show of the Year -competition was the debut of our Danceteam Kids competition team lead by instructor Anna Afanasyeva. The Fresh Kids of Danceteam took the stage by storm and charmed us all! On top of that, our instructor Vuong Tran snatched the first place in the Dancer of the Year -category. Get ready to see more of these guys in the Moments -show on 25.5 at Yle Studios and in our Gala on 27.5. Get your tickets soon!

Finally, our Danceteam Juniors Competition Team participated in the Finnish National Street Dance competition held in Jyväskylä and incredibly danced all the way to the finals, earning sixth place. Not bad for their first time, huh! This feisty crew of seven dance warriors Sara Rossat, Melissa Raju, Briana Akurang-Boateng, Polina Vaskelainen, Aaliyah Ali, Alma Chaguaro and Naomi Adaba was lead by our sensational instructor Julia Nurmio. Warm congratulations to the whole team!!

Next up: two amazing workshops, the late night show Moments and our Annual Awards Gala – Seasons. Stay tuned!


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