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(con)FUSION – fusion dance workshop with Nelody Ahlroth (DE)

January 20 @ 15:00 - 18:00
Ståhlberginkuja 1
Helsinki, Finland
10€ - 15€
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Workshop description:

(con)FUSION – Contemporary and Urban Fusion dance workshop  with Nelody Ahlroth (DE)

(con)FUSION mixes up and connects urban dance styles with contemporary dance. This collaboration allows the dancers to “get lost” and explore the movement within their own individual movement language. In abstract art forms, such as dance, it’s sometimes hard to find a clear definition for everything; that’s why (con)FUSION. In (con)FUSION, it is not always possible to separate or point out, where the urban dance ends and where the contemporary dance starts, or vice versa. Essential elements from urban dance, such as solid/clear musicality, ‘bounce’, ‘groove’ or ‘freestyle’ are often used methods in (con)FUSION- workshops but also put into a different context, through more experimental mindset, both in creating movement (dancing) and choreography (composition/performance). An often used term for this mix between urban and contemporary techniques is urban contemporary dance. But what makes (con)FUSION different is the individuals’ freedom to explore the movement and the connection to body and discover new layers in dance, music and the choreography.

“In life in general, we are often thrown into the unknown – there we suddenly find ourselves looking for answers we don’t know yet – or maybe we can’t even find. This “not-knowing” is not dangerous. Sometimes the best things don’t come from knowing the answer, but asking several questions and trying to find out.”
– Nelody

“Nelody gives us a lot of freedom to experiment and work alone with movement and music. This is where the magic begins – by stepping into the unknown and trying new things. Through that you can develop an own individual language as dancer.”
– Vihra Shopova, 22, dance student

(con)FUSION- classes consist of gentle but energising warm up for the body, based on yoga, improvisation, release-technique from contemporary dance and some body awareness techniques. Physical condition will be built up through exercises that are i.e adapted from different grooves, step-variations from hip hop and house dance, contemporary floor work and elements of breakdance. Nelody likes isolated but fluid movement language in her choreography, so popping technique, like hits and waves are being trained, too. The gravity and using that as advantage and the importance of breath allows the body to relax and be ready to switch fast from one movement quality to another. In (con)FUSION workshop, dancers will get to improvise but they also learn a routine and have enough freedom to explore their own ways to interpretate it. The rhythm, no matter if it’s the beat, vocals, or even talking or using body as an instrument, has some much to offer. And music – cuz that’s what makes us dance, right?

Participants are invited to be part of Emotions show on Sunday 4.2.2018. Choreography created in the workshop will be put together with Danceteam Germany performance, to create a unique piece on stage, bringing together dancers from different Danceteam countries.

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Workshop date:

Saturday 20.01.2018 at 15.00-18.00
Venue: Danceteam Home of Dance Studio (Ståhlberginkuja 1, Helsinki)


15€ with pre-registration, 20€ cash on spot
(for danceteamers 10€ with pre-registration, 15€ cash on spot)

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Date: January 20
Time: 15:00 - 18:00
Cost: 10€ - 15€


Address: Ståhlberginkuja 1
Helsinki, Finland

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Organizer Name: Danceteam International